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Organica Lash Grower 10ml

Organica Lash Grower 10ml

Organica Phil

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Ditch your False Eyelashes and Grow Your Own Thick and Long Eyelashes, Naturally!

Organica Lash Grower is made from 100% cold-pressed, all natural castor oil. Nutrients such as Omega 9, Rhenolic Acid and other minerals promotes hair growth and strength, thus making the eyelashes and eyebrows grow thicker and longer and making sure that your hair remains healthy. You can now achieve that longer-looking eyelash you’ve dreamed of.


✅ 100% Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

✅ All Natural Nutrients

✅ Ensures Smooth and Revitalized Eyelashes

✅ Natural Mascara and Moisturizer



❌ No Need for Those False Eyelashes

❌ No Expensive Eyelash Extensions

❌ No More Expensive Eyelash Enhancement Procedures


Beneficial Nutrients From Organica Lash Grower

  • Omega-9 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids

It provides essential nutrients and proteins that the hair follicles and skin needs.

  • Vitamin E

To have a healthy skin our body needs Vitamin E, scalp included. Poor scalp health can be associated to lackluster quality of hair.

  • Ricinoleic Acid

It helps enhance the health of hair follicle and promotes hair growth.

  • Minerals

It has calories and proteins that can deeply nourish and hydrate the eyelashes and eyebrows.


Why Cold-Pressed Castor Oil?

Cold press process retains all of the oil's natural nutrients even after extraction which makes it useful and beneficial to the hair follicle. Dry or damaged hair can especially benefit from a super-moisturizer like cold-pressed castor oil. Applying it regularly helps the hair shaft, making it more flexible and lowering the risk of hair breakage.



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What’s in the Box?

  • 10mL Organica Lash Grower
  • Mascara Applicator

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