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Castor Oil, Your Wonder Oil!

Castor Oil, Your Wonder Oil!

The Philippines has recorded the longest lockdown as a response to the pandemic. Instead of sulking, Filipinos turned this event into an avenue to evaluate and improve their health care including personal and physical development. 

During this time, beauty influencers started to pop up on different social media platform sharing organic, safe skin and hair routines and one of which is the talk of the town, Castor Oil. 

They say less is always more. So, say goodbye to glam look, and welcome a fresh-looking and no-make-up look this year. Castor oil work wonders and we're talking about a single product that targets skin and hair problems.

What is castor oil?

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a wonder oil acknowledged greatly both in the medical and beauty field. This oil is colorless to pale yellow liquid having a distinct taste and smell. Most of the time, castor oil is used in manufacturing oil-based products.

Castor oil has long been used by people as an oral laxative. Aside from that, its health benefits are booming that it can also be used externally. Today, castor oil is used as a hair serum, lash grower, acne remedy, lip balm, and as an ingredient of skin care products targeting hair and skin.

Where is castor oil made from?

Castor Plant

Castor oil is a type of oil extracted from seeds of a plant with the same name (Ricinus communis) which is a large plant belonging to Euphorbiaceae family and is believed to be a native to tropical Africa. 

What is the difference between regular castor oil and cold-pressed castor oil?

Cold-pressed castor oil is extracted with great pressure while regular castor oil undergoes a heating process to be able to extract the oil.

Through the cold-pressed process, the purest form of oil is gathered and none of its nutrients are harmed by the heat which means it is more beneficial than the regular oil.

What nutrients does castor oil contain?

Castor oil overflows with nutrients. It is a good source of Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids, vitamin E, and other minerals beneficial to hair follicles. 

Aside from this, castor oil contains mainly more than 90% of ricinoleic acid which is proven to have an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial effects on the skin. Ricinoleic acid is also known to be a type of fat that acts as a humectant. 

 Why should a Filipina have a cold-pressed castor oil all the time?

Studies show that Filipinas, as early as their 20s, suffer from hair thinning and one out of three women will have visible hair loss in their 30s. The tropical weather of the country is to be blamed for this. Fortunately, hair problems like this can be prevented.

  1. Keeps  hair healthy

Castor oil in hair

Filipinas love going out under the sun and this results in having dry and frizzy hair. Good thing that castor oil acts as a humectant which is a substance used to preserve moisture. Applying castor oil to hair will ensure smoother and revitalized hair ready on the go. No more bad hair day!

  1. Helps in hair growth

Healthy Hair

Castor oil is proven to have an anti-microbial effect which is useful in keeping the scalp healthy and dandruff-free. This oil is super-enriched with vitamins and minerals which are good for the hair follicles aiding hair growth. A healthy scalp means healthy hair!

  1. Holy grail in achieving full lashes

Healthy eye lashes

Filipinas love to have longer-looking lashes and so, it is not surprising to know that many resorts in enhancing their lashes using science. Lucky to know that castor oil may also be used as natural mascara that gives the same benefits as when you use it to hair. Just put it in an empty mascara bottle and apply it like regular mascara. TIP: Put some to your eyebrows to achieve the same effect.

  1. Nourishes colored hair

Colored Hair

Surprise, castor oil works the same on vibrant hair as it would on natural hair color! It provides intensive moisture and nourishment to replenish damaged hair. The high concentration of Omega-9 present in castor oil enhances hair color plus makes your dyed hair fade longer.

Bonus: Treats acne and acne scar

Castor Oil treating acne

Castor oil is effective in treating acne because of its anti-inflammatory substance. Vitamin E in castor oil is effective in diminishing dark spots and scars. It can also be used to make wrinkles and skin blemishes less visible.

With all those mentioned, all of the benefits castor oil can bring, we have scrutinized every possible option so we can offer you the best product in town. We've come up with our newest product, ORGANICA' LASH GROWER. It moisturizes the hair up to its roots and helps fight dry and frizzy hair. Not only that, you can also say hello to those long, mesmerizing eye lashes that you will achieve with it.

Since you can't flaunt your face because you're covering half of it, why not invest in your hair. Remember, it is the crown that you never take off! Be proud of your hair and make ORGANICA' LASH GROWER essential in your life. 

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